Nia is developed using RPG Maker MV and Javascript.


Animals by WhtDragon: Sheep
Taller Harold by Avery
Generator Parts by Bokou: Blindfold, Helm
Ships by Masatoshi Renga: Sailing Ship Set, Galleon ship Set
Sprite+ Characters by Candacis: Actor1 (Testing)

Music & Sound Credits

Music by Darren Curtis Music: Mystic Dungeon, Unfamiliar Stars, Among The Clouds, The Town that Time Forgot
Music by Mattc90: Matt's Emotional Ambient Synthscape

Plugin Credits

Plugins by Yanfly: Core Engine, Battle Engine Core, Message Core, Region Restrictions, Vehicle Restrict
Plugins by SumRndmDde: Super Tools Engine, HUD Maker, Name Input Upgrade, Window Frame Anti Stretch

Font Credits

Indie Flower by Kimberly Geswein
Dosis by Edgar Tolentino and refined by Pablo Impallari
Anglo Saxon Runes by Daniel Steven Smith. (Well known font used in the Hobbit) (postcard pending)