About Nia

About Nia

Nia is a retro styled top-down 2D JRPG. Nia has a deep story with rich threads of content that are carefully interwoven to immerse the player. Once the player finds a way off the starter island, she is free to experience the open world on her own terms without being forced into any specific direction. The things you do, good or bad, effect the world and likewise, the results of your interactions with the people you meet will persist. NPC's will recall their experience with you and decide whether or not they like you. A first bad impression can last a long time. Some of the features found in Nia include:

  • Open world
  • Transportation devices (ships, boats, horses, etc…)
  • Train any skill available (no classes)
  • Economy: earn and spend money or invest it to gain passive income
  • Player housing and house upgrades
  • Main quest line and side quests
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Day and night cycles
  • Retro style graphics with modern features


At the heart of Nia, is the KUI system. KUI is an acronym that stands for "knowledge", "understanding", and "integrity". These are the three tenets of life that are known and accepted throughout most of Nia. Whether or not you choose to adopt these principles is up to you, but you will be measured against them, regardless of your acceptance or rejection of these principles.


Nia is influenced heavily by Ultima IV-VI (Richard Garriot), slightly by Phantasy Star III-IV (Hiroto Saeki), a little bit by Sentinel Worlds I: Future Magic (Karl Buiter) and by just a pinch of Space Quest IV.

What is a JRPG

The J in JRPG stands for "Japanese" and is used to describe a specific style of a role playing game when compared to Western style RPG's. Namely, combat is turn based and travel within the world is done via an "overworld" map. A JRPG might also feature anime styled graphics but in this case, 90% of the visuals found in Nia are neutral or western styled leaving about 10% of it anime styled; it feels like a Western version of a JRPG.

About Me

I've always wanted to make a video game. I have two ideas that I've been sitting on for years. Other than being able to use Photoshop a little, I have no graphic design experience, no audio editing experience, and aside from a little bit of CSS used in web design, I have no coding experience. So I'm making a game.